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ASP.NET offers a good way to keep your code clean of redundant data, e.g. Bootstrap classes you would have to assign to every visible HTML element again and again.

As a .NET Core MVC sample for single elements, you would write code like

Or, if you use tools like the bootstrap-datetimepicker for a comfortable date and time input, there would be even more DIVs:

How to use templates

You can specify EditorTemplates for certain types or models. The same behavior works e.g. for DisplayTemplates (DisplayFor()). I will explain how to create an EditorTemplate for type DateTime.

First, create a folder and an empty file: \Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\DateTime.cshtml

Paste this code into it:

Afterwards, you can simply write

into your main cshtml file to get the full template loaded:

For JavaScript/jQuery access, use the value we created in the first line of the template, datetimepicker[yourModelPropertyName], in this case „datetimepickerStartTime“.




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