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Amazon’s Echo Dot is a great way to control your smart home via voice.

If you are already using a visualization tool like OpenHAB for your smart home, it’s quite easy to get it running.

Because every smart home installation is configured very individually, I will only explain some basics here.

OpenHAB 2

If you are running OpenHAB v1, please upgrade it to v2. Most OH1’s add-ons, bindings etc. can be used with OH2 and the migration process is quite feasible.

Upgrade recommendations:

  • Use a fresh installation for OH2 (new Ubuntu VM, Raspberry Pi etc.)
  • Decide at the beginning which of the 3 configuration types (text-based, Paper UI, Karaf) you would like to use in the future. It could be error-prone to change in the future, because every type saves the configs to other places. I would prefer Paper UI, but the migration doc linked above recommends text-based config.

When you have OH2 ready to run, install the addon „Hue Emulation“:

  • Text-based config: In services/addons.cfg, uncomment the „misc =“ line and add „hueemulation“
  • Paper UI: Open Add-ons -> Misc -> Install Hue Emulation

Then open your items file. For testing purposes, simply add „[ „Lighting" ]“  or „[[ „Switchable" ] to an already switch.


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