DXSdata Audiocenter

All-in-one Multi Room Audio System for up to 6 rooms in Stereo (12 channels).

Control your wall speakers via Smartphone, PC, Tablet or several Home Automation servers.

Play music directly from your phone, or access your central MP3 storage or internet radio.

No additional amplifier needed!

Rooms / channels can be easily extended by using multiple Audiocenter devices.

The 19″ chassis (height 1U) allows space saving integration into existing 19″ racks.




  • Analog, amplified Audio output for 6 x 2 speakers in Stereo.
  • per Channel: 50 W max., 10 W RMS, 4 Ω, 20 – 20.000 Hz
  • 2x USB, LAN, HDMI
  • Power input: 12V and 5V (power supplies included)
  • Web interface for configuration and managing rooms, playlists etc.


  • Existing LAN environment, e.g. switch, internet router etc.
  • Wired connections to your speakers
  • Basic PC and network skills for configuration

Other specs

  • Power consumption when idle: max 8 W
  • Fanless system

Included in the package

  • DXSdata Audiocenter in 19″ chassis
  • Power supplies 5V and 12V
  • Quick start guide

Important Notes

SSH / root access can be used by experts to modify the software of the Audiocenter in various ways, but this can also damage the device. Please note we do not offer support for such cases.

DXSdata Audiocenter powered by:

  • Raspberry Pi rpi
  • Open Source Software under GPL license
  [email protected]