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This entry has been published on 2019-12-24 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2023-11-22.

[:en]Assuming you have WinPC-NC USB 2.x installed, follow these steps to be able to control your Stepcraft CNC with your PS3 Dual Shock controller.

With former methods like ScpToolkit, it was possible, but only via wired USB connection. Using the new approach below (from the same developer), just disconnect the USB cable and the controller will connect wirelessly.

Note: It is recommended to use a separate BT dongle if you are using other BT devices, as the other devices might not be able to connect any more after installing the alternative driver.

Download the latest PS3 Bluetooth drivers from here.

Run the setup.

It will redirect you to this site afterwards.

Install the additional software like explained there:

  • ViGEm Bus Driver (run Setup)
  • FireShock (run Setup)
  • Shibari (extract)
    • Then run the Shibari.Dom.Server.exe and leave the console open

Connect your PS3 controller via USB.

Disconnect it after a few seconds, maybe press the main PS3 key once. You should see the device connects via bluetooth within the Shibari window.

Now we configure WinPC-NC USB:

  • Parameters -> Interfaces -> Joystick -> “Gameport1”
  • Also run the joystick calibration, using e.g. the left analog key and X button.

Finally, open “manual joystick driving” (Shift+F5) and steer your Stepcraft:

https:// (video not embedded, due to GDPR)