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Last Updated on 2023-09-30.


MS Visual Studio 2022 (currently v17.4), e.g. within a simple C# .NET console app, becomes nearly unresponsive, taking multiple seconds while typing a few characters into the editor.


  1. Watch the current background tasks VS is running at the moment (bottom left), and make sure every task finishes within a few seconds.
    • If you experience e.g. a very long indexing of project files, this could be suspicious.
  2. Reset VS settings to default:
    • devenv /ResetSettings
    • devenv /ResetUserData
  3. Delete .vs subfolder of your project
  4. Disable project cache:
    • Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Preview Features -> Use the project cache …

This should improve the editor’s AutoComplete feature a lot.

If not, have a look at the references, there are a few additional option tweaks which might be helpful.

(German Screenshot)