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Mouse and keyboard both work in BIOS, but not when booting Windows 7 setup.


New CPUs like Intel Skylake or Braswell do not have USB 2.0 support included. Windows 7 does not have USB 3.0 support included (at least not at setup boot time by default), so this combination cannot work.


For default Windows 7 installation e.g. via boot stick, Zotac recommends:

  • Use the Win7 boot stick in the USB 2.0 slot, mouse and keyboard in USB 3.0 (not USB 3.1!). Use an up-to-date Windows image.
  • Update BIOS to latest version
  • Use the Intel Creator Utilty to make your Windows 7 setup ready for USB 3.0 (it integrates the necessary drivers)
  • BIOS: Legacy boot mode

If you use PXE boot services like Microsoft WDS:

  • Create a driver package from the drivers subfolder(s) which are delivered with the Intel Creator Utility.
  • Modify option of the WDS driver package: „Applicable: All driver packages in this group“
  • Assign the package to your WDS Win7 boot image



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