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Android Studio stores lots of data in the Windows user’s profile directory, i.e. directly in %USERPROFILE% (e.g. c:\users\me), which is wrong in my opinion.

If you use Windows roaming user profiles with folder redirection (which should be the default setting in a company), huge folders like .gradle or .AndroidStudio2.2 are always copied between server and local disk on Windows logon or logoff. You might have to wait 15 – 20 minutes to get your Windows profile fully loaded.

Meanwhile, at least some of the folders went to better locations. E.g. the Android SDK is now under %LOCALAPPDATA% (c:\users\me\appdata\local), which means it will be ignored by the user profile service and not be copied. If you explicitely want it to be copied, move it e.g. to your %APPDATA% folder (could be \\server\profiles\me\appdata). In your project settings file „local.properties“ you can modify the SDK directory.

Unfortunately, two huge folders still reside in under %USERPROFILE% by default: .gradle and .AndroidStudioX.X

I recommend to also move these folders to %LOCALAPPDATA%. Then recreate a junction point (mklink) for them:

So your huge directories are moved to a non-synced place and Android Studio can still find it in the default location.

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