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Windows 10 Fall creators update brought a new „feature“ which is not useful in most cases.

By default, most (not all) applications which were opened at shutdown time are now re-opened after a reboot. In most scenarios I’ve seen yet this is not a good behaviour, because the user does not expect it. He opens the applications himself and on many systems, the re-opening procedure takes too long, so applications eventually are opened with multiple instances.


This is a simple batch script you can use e.g. in your GPO (User configuration -> Logoff scripts). It cleans the registry’s RunOnce key from those entries.

(This is a slightly modified snippet from the reference below, the original produced a syntax error).




If you use this e.g. in a user logon or logoff script, you will see Windows creates temporary entries in the registry to re-open the applications:


The batch script above deletes those keys right after they have been created.

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