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This entry has been published on 2012-05-10 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2012-05-10.

In AutoMapa 6.x the beeps after every mouse or keyboard event can be quite annoying.

In addition, the feature which increases the system volume before AM sound output does not always work properly. E.g. you click a few times and the volume does not always increase after the beep sound is over, so the volume gets lower and lower.

Completely disabling the feature is not useful when you would like to decrease music volume when the AM speaker is talking.

The best method for me was disabling the beep sound:

In AM program files dir, search for the file voice.settings, and change the beep value to 0.

(In Vista or 7 you find the file under C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalVirtualStore)