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This entry has been published on 2012-05-10 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2012-05-10.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft decided to migrate an existing BPOS system to Office365 without any information regarding the migration date before.

Some months before they sent information mails that the migration would be “in the nexts months”, and suddenly one day the BPOS accounts were not working any more. So we had to migrate everything on multiple workstations and mobile devices without any time to prepare.

If someone is in the same situation, here are the steps for a “quick migration” (only Outlook):

  • Make sure every workstation has all Windows updates
  • Make sure every workstation has Office 2010 (probably 2007 also works)
  • Change autodiscover.[domain].com to autodiscover.outlook com, for every used domain
  • Log in at the Office365 Portal with your admin BPOS credentials
  • Set new passwords for the users
  • From the download area, download the wizard for preparing Outlook and run it.
  • On the workstations, create a new Outlook profile and start it. Outlook should find all necessary data via AutoDiscover.

In our case, one mailbox is used by multiple users and workstations, so the password should not expire. If you have already hat this setting in BPOS, you have to set it for Office365 again.