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This entry has been published on 2013-03-25 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2013-03-25.

Installing Exchange 2010 SP3 basically also works on systems where no Exchange ServicePack was installed before. But during setup, some errors might appear, without any comprehensible reason.

One of the errors could be error 1062 when Setup tries to reset IIS. Exact message in German:


Der folgende Fehler wurde generiert, als “$error.Clear();

Start-SetupProcess -Name “iisreset” -Args “/noforce /timeout:120″


” ausgeführt wurde: “Fehler bei der Prozessausführung mit Beendigungscode 1062.”.


Fehler bei der Prozessausführung mit Beendigungscode 1062.

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However, the Technet link does not work.


First make sure that resetting IIS is the real problem. Open a CMD console and try:

iisreset /noforce /timeout:120

If you get an error when executing this command, the Message Queuing service could cause the problem.

Install the feature “Message Queuing Server” via Windows Server Manager and run Exchange SP3 Setup again. The error should be gone.

Note: This behaviour is basically not 100% clear. On similar systems, the SP3 upgrade works without problems even if Message Queuing is not installed.