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This entry has been published on 2013-07-31 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2013-07-31.


You want your Zotac Zbox remote to control Zbox, your AV receiver and TV / PC monitor.


  • Use HDMI 1.4 cables. You do not really have to, but you can prevent bugs, as searching for CEC errors can be quite time consuming.
  • Be sure you use an AVR that officially (and fully) supports CEC. Many companies use different names for CEC; have a look at the CEC Wikipedia page. I can recommend the Yamaha RX-V373.
  • The Zotac Zboxes do not provide CEC, so you need to get an adapter like this one. Installation in Openelec / XBMC is very convenient, you do not need any additional packages. You can configure it via GUI or use the cec-client (Windows and Linux) for debugging purposes.
  • An also useful site for debugging is cec-o-matic.