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This entry has been published on 2015-02-23 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2015-02-23.


Unfortunately, OpenELEC seems to offer no way for the user to modify the volume steps which Kodi makes to increment or decrement volume. Even if the IR receiver or remote is not able to repeat keys, the results are that the user has to press the same Volume Up or Down key e.g. 20 – 30 times to get the right volume.

Workaround approaches

Note, the following examples are no real solutions. Especially on slow systems the script calls take 1 second or more. This might sound not much, but when adjusting volume most users want an immediate action. I tested e.g. the Python script with Raspberry Pi B+, but it was too slow for me. It might work better on Rpi2.

Workaround 1: Shell script



if [ "$1" == "up" ]

kodi-send --action="$CMD"
kodi-send --action="$CMD"
kodi-send --action="$CMD"
kodi-send --action="$CMD"
kodi-send --action="$CMD"


<volumeplus>System.Exec("/storage/.kodi/userdata/ up")</volumeplus>
<volumeminus>System.Exec("/storage/.kodi/userdata/ down")</volumeminus>

With this code, in some cases even multiple running instances of kodi.bin appeared, then it suddenly restarted.


Workaround 2: Python script

I tested the script from here.

Result: It works better, but too slow. Even if you comment out the Json line, it takes too long anyway.

It’s a pity there is no better method at the moment to solve this.