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This entry has been published on 2015-06-23 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2015-06-23.


You are using an IP intercom like 2N Helios IP or a Mobotix product.

You have an electronic door lock like G-U Secury Automatic which is connected to any home automation system like KNX, and you use a server system like Gira Homeserver, Loxone Miniserver, Wiregate or a custom EIBd system.

So you might be looking for an app for your mobile phone (or maybe in-wall tablet) to use it as a doorbell, camery display and remote door lock control.

Some Android apps already exist from the hardware manufacturers, e.g. 2N Helios IP Mobile. But they are quite expensive and error-prone. E.g. it does not work over VPN, does not save the chosen intercom and seems to be buggy when using WLAN connection.


Because I could not find an existing app which works stable and covers all these features, I wrote one.

You can download it for free via Android Play Store: DXSdata IP Intercom Doorbell

With this app, you can:

  • Display any camera image from an HTTP source, e.g. 2N Helios: http://[intercom-ip]/enu/camera640x480.jpg
  • Push an app button to open the door (e.g. your KNX server gets the HTTP command and closes a relay which opens the lock)
  • Get a popup on your phone or tablet if someone is at your door and pushes the doorbell button (e.g. call your mobile phone’s local IP or DNS name like “http://[your-ip]:8787/?action=bringDoorbellAppToFrontAndRing”)
  • Some Android devices which have Ethernet ports (e.g. HP Slate 21 Pro) do not have an option to keep the LAN connection awake. This can be a problem because your doorbell cannot find the device in the network, e.g. to bring the app to front if someone is at the door. So there is an option in the IP Intercom Doorbell app to keep LAN alive.