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This entry has been published on 2016-06-29 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2016-06-29.

[:en]In many small or medium companies or company departments, employees often prefer to order food together from certain suppliers. This might not be a problem in urban environments where the supplier supports things like these itself, but it is not always easy in the countryside, where small suppliers do not even accept e-mail orders. Mostly, it ends up in one person walking around, asking everybody what to order, collect the money, call the supplier and tell him the list via phone. This takes a lot of time.

Foodsoft (or on GitHub) is making a lot of these things easier.


  • It is installed in your local network within minutes, e.g. as a virtual machine downloadable from here.
  • Every user has an overview about his own account balance. It is possible to pay in advance, afterwards, every day, every week, …
  • Simple interface for the basic user: Login, select open order and items, apply.
  • Multiple views / PDFs can be generated for the supplier which contain the whole order.
  • The MySQL database is freely accessible, so you can sync users e.g. via custom PHP/LDAP script etc.
  • It supports multiple suppliers and several user permissions.
  • As it is Linux based and open source, you can fit it to your needs, e.g. run automation tasks (crontab) etc.

Note: If everybody pays for itself, use one order group for every user, e.g. with the same username, with exactly one member (the user).