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This entry has been published on 2016-07-30 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2016-07-30.

[:en]Gardena’s robotic lawn mower “smart Sileno” (R100LiC”) comes with a gateway module which is used for communication between the mower and Gardena servers.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way to get direct API access to the gateway, so the commands have to be sent out of your LAN, and the gateway forwards the Gardena server command to the mower, etc.

In addition, there is no official web interface yet, but thanks to this post, there are commands you can use to integrate it into your existing home automation system.

For convenience, I created a PHP class for it.

First register a Gardena account, e.g. via Gardena smart system mobile app, and add your gateway and your mower.

Afterwards, you can use the class:

[github-contents username=”DXSdata” repository=”Gardena” filepath=”” language=”php” ]

Example usage:

[github-contents username=”DXSdata” repository=”Gardena” filepath=”index.php” language=”php” ]

Update 2017-04-17

I updated the class with Gardena Smart Sensor support. The hardware is not cheap but reliable as I can say so far. If you have e.g. a Gardena Smart Sileno mower and a Smart Sensor, you can use this class to park the mower in its charging station as long as the ground is moist.

Update 2017-04-21

Moved project files to Github.

Now also includes Watering Control.

Latest commits:

[github-commits username=”DXSdata” repository=”” limit=”3″][:]