Raspberry Pi combined with Raspbian Jessie Lite is often useful for networking tools (bridges, VPNs, GPIO, …) where you do not need local user input or output devices.

Unfortunately, SSH is not enabled by default so you cannot access the RPi via Putty console automatically.

Steps to enable SSH

  1. Prepare your Raspberry Pi with the lastest Raspbian Lite Image.
  2. Connect
    1. LAN
    2. Keyboard
    3. Power
  3. Wait about a minute for the device to boot up.
  4. Enter (blindly)

    2. Note for international keyboards: Be careful with special characters like “y”, “/”, “z”. If you use a german keyboard, you have to type “raspberrz” and “-etc-init.d-ssh start”.
  5. Use e.g. your DHCP server to find your RPi’s current IP address
  6. Connect via SSH
  7. Permanently enable SSHd, e.g. with command “raspi-config”.




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