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This entry has been published on 2017-04-21 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2017-04-21.



Create an account on, should be self-explaining.

Also create a repository; I will call it “testrepo” in this tutorial.

We will use a Ubuntu VM as local machine in this case.

Prepare local directory

I suppose you already have a local project directory which contains all the files you want to upload.

If you use any personal user credentials in your project, please transfer the data to a separate file.

E.g. if you have a file like, also create a neutral file

Then create a file .gitignore with the contents you do not want to be uploaded:



Upload local files

First preparation:

apt-get install git
cd [yourlocalpath]/testrepo
git init
git remote add testrepo[yourUsername]/testrepo

Add and upload all files:

git pull testrepo master
git add .
#or git add -A
git commit
#add a comment and close the editor
git push testrepo

Modifying a file is quite similar:

#modify a file
git add -A
git commit
git push testrepo