openHAB is basically working, but does not always update items when they change (e.g. when a window contact closes or opens).

However, testing via ETS works.


openHAB, especially version 2.x, offers a new option for the KNX interface configuration, “ignorelocalevents”.

At first sight, it looks like a good idea to set it to “true”, but what happens is that every message from sender “0.0.0” is ignored, because openHAB sees itself as 0.0.0 (local) by default.

If you work with KNX devices or interfaces which do not necessarily own a physical sender address (like any Home Automation Server from Gira, Loxone, … or with eibd / BCU SDK), they might also use the KNX sender address 0.0.0 by default, which leads to packets (telegrams) being ignored by openHAB.


IMHO, the best way is to give openHAB a “physical”, unallocated address like 1.1.240.

If you want to stay with PA 0.0.0, set “ignorelocalevents” to false. Note, this seems not to be recommended by the OH2 developers, as it should provide only backwards compatibility.

So a working openHAB2 KNX config could look like:




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