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This entry has been published on 2018-05-22 and may be out of date.

Last Updated on 2018-05-22.

[:en]Windows 10 1803/1804 upgrade seems to include a dubious “feature” which disables custom firewall exceptions and deletes several registry keys, for whatever reason.

So if you use a Mediacenter combination like this,

  • LibreELEC / Kodi Rpi clients
  • Server running Windows 10, MediaPortal, MySQL (for Kodi central settings and MePo) and Windows SMB shares

…and the 1804 update is installed automatically on the server, you might notice your client mediacenters won’t work any more.

So here is my Mediacenter checklist in case this happens again with future updates:

  • Re-check Windows Firewall Advanced settings -> Incoming connections -> Re-Open ports TCP 3306 (MySQL) and TCP 9596 (MediaPortal / TVServerKodi Plugin)
  • Re-check Windows shares, e.g. on the server by calling \\localhost.
    • If you use additional RAM disk software e.g. for speeding up TV timeshifting, check if the product is still activated. It might happen those products get deactivated or even uninstalled by Windows upgrades.
  • One further option would be disabling Windows updates at all (for the “server”). I do not recommend to ignore updates, but with this setting you decide yourself when it’s the best time to upgrade your system. At the moment, disabling the “Windows Update” service seems to be the simplest way.